Ninebot Segway miniPRO (S Pro)




Get on the Ninebot Segway miniPRO (S Pro) and keep improving – push your limits. Customize your ride, travel in style and measure your improvements through the Segway-Ninebot App. It’s something else than your regular hoverboard. Don’t worry about hitting a bump or a patch of sand or grass on the pavement. This miniPRO (S Pro) is comfortable with many surfaces and types of terrain.

Discover the advantages of the miniPRO (S Pro)’s knee control bar. It offers precise steering and – when removed – makes it really easy to bring it along with you in any type of vehicle. Be adventurous and reach out to places you haven’t been before. Go places you wouldn’t believe were inside your reach and explore those locations a hoverboard won’t take you. Take on your competition. Meet friends and interact with each other through the Segway-Ninebot App.

Don’t worry about your footprint, this Ninebot Segway miniPRO (S Pro) is environmentally friendly. Made with highly durable material, the miniPRO (S Pro) has IP54 rated protection.


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