Ninebot Gokart PRO

RM7,000.00 RM6,668.00

The new GoKart Pro supersedes its predecessor in more ways than one. Whether it’s the updated design, with gunmetal grey design and green accents, or the overall performance of the machine, you’ll get all your money’s worth with this revamped variant.



Main Features

The GoKart Pro is built to support up to 100kg with its steel frame structure. Users can also easily change tyres thanks to the quick dismantle tyre system, so you wouldn’t have to put too much of your worries on wearing and tearing this bad boy with all that racing and drifting you will be doing.

The overall touch and feel of the interiors have also been updated to better match the high octane performance that comes with this new model. The steering wheel’s soft polyurethane provides a firm and comfortable grip and the accelerator and brake pedals are made of stainless steel to give a more industrial and sleeker finish. The green LED headlights further gives the ride extraterrestrial vibes that make the driving experience out of this world.

With a 432W four-channel battery that has four air vents to help cool the battery, the new GoKart Pro maxes out at a top speed of 37km/h, which is significantly faster than the previous Gokart kit’s top speed of 24km/, offers 1.02g acceleration, 96Nm of torque and has a driving range of 25km.

The GoKart Pro’s child-friendly feature allows users the option to choose between four different speed modes: Safety, Novice, Sports and Track. The speed limit varies between different modes with Safety mode set at 8km/h, Novice mode at 18km/h, Sports mode at 28km/h and Track mode at 37km/h.

Now, you can link the GoKart with your smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favourite music as you race. You can also connect your smartphone to the GoKart Pro through the Ninebot Segway app which offers information on the vehicle, the ability to customise ambient lighting of chassis as well as perform firmware upgrades.

The GoKart Pro comes with updated built-in safety features that include a reinforced front bumper with TPE soft anti-collision front lip as well as TPE side skirts. The extra grip front tyres that provide better control when taking challenging corners at high speeds.


Max Speed : 37km/h
Max Range: 25km⁣
Torque: 96Nm
Motor Power: 900W⁣
Battery: 432W
Acceleration: 1.02G⁣
Bluetooth sound system: Yes ⁣
Tyres: CST Drift Type⁣
Torque Vectoring: Control via App ⁣


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